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Three Rivers, Spring 2015, #4

Three_Rivers_kjo_004.jpg ThumbnailsThree Rivers, Spring 2015, #3ThumbnailsThree Rivers, Spring 2015, #3ThumbnailsThree Rivers, Spring 2015, #3ThumbnailsThree Rivers, Spring 2015, #3

There is so much going on in this picture…the door to nowhere, the dumpster at the top of the three-story staircase, the covered-over panels on the top floor (fire? murder scene? abandoned?), the broken satellite dish (and how much signal could they get here, I wonder), the beautiful brickwork, the middle window with the odd opening at an angle, all the beautiful lines. I could stare at this one for hours.

This has been very inexpertly edited in GIMP. Editing black and white shots can be quite challenging, especially when there's not the widest range of tones to begin with. But I'm learning!

There's a bit of blurring at the top, which reminds me of early 20th and late 19th century photography.