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I have a bachelor of science in biology (with an emphasis on botany) and am a former science educator. This sub-gallery is where my passion for science and my passion for photography combine.

The images here illustrate scientific terms and concepts. Most of the images you'll find here relate to biology, and most of those deal with plants or ecology in some way. I will add images to this sub-gallery on a regular basis, so check in often. You can also follow the RSS feed, which will tell you which galleries were recently updated.

If you are a science educator or science student, you are free to use these images in your lessons, presentations, or projects. Please read the license first.

In fact, you are free to use any of the images on this gallery, but these are specifically oriented toward science education. As much as possible, I try to tag all my photos, so that you can easily find what you are looking for them. You can always peruse the tag cloud or peruse the tag list. Plant families are dark blue, plant names (both scientific and common) are light blue, and science terms are maroon. You can also use the search form

To download a photo, click on the save icon in the upper left hand corner. (It looks like an old floppy disk.)

I appreciate hearing when someone uses my images, especially if they are publicly available on the web. You can always use this contact form to let me know, as well as to ask questions or make suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy.